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Nepal offers lots and lots of exciting itinerary for the visitors coming to its land to find the new and thrilling experience. She is where lovers of nature may reveal in unique Himalayan settings of great beauty, choosing from a variety of ways, suitable to their personal ideals of relaxation and pleasure. There is no seasonal constraint on travelling in Nepal, as all seasons are good for travelling. Each has its own unique charm.  Nepal offers lots of sightseeing, mountain viewing, bird watching, history and cultural watch for the less adventurous and those who wish to relax in the Fresh Mountain air and clean environment. For those who loves wild life, Nepal has eight national parks, four Wild life Reserves and two Conservative areas. Water lovers have lots and lots of rivers to choose from. From the beginner to the most experienced ones there is excitement instored for every discovering the mystery of mighty rivers. For those who are adventurous and likes some tiring excitement, Nepal offers various regions for trekking. In all these trekking regions, the visitor can always expect to gain and see more of nature and the mighty Himalayas.  And those who dare and likes challenging holidays also can look forward to climb peaks in the Himalayan regions or can join some expedition. With all this knowledge of the itineraries Nepal can offer to the visitors, Legend Nepal provides following services:

  1.  Hiking
  2. Trekking                   
  3. Climbing
  4. Tibet Tours
  5. Jungle Safari
  6. White Water Rafting
  7. International and domestic Air Ticketing
  8. Hotel Reservations
  9. Sight Seeing
  10. Bhutan Tours
  11. Special Interest Tours etc 

Legend Nepal plans and recommends all these services to the visitors only after knowing their wish and their dreams. We try to know their dreams and materialize their dream in the same way. Fulfilling the visitor’s desire and making their holiday in Nepal a lifetime-cherished holiday is the motto of this company. We take pride as we have successfully given happy moments to all the visitors who have traveled Nepal through us.


The most popular way of knowing today’s Nepal is by trekking to remote areas where the inhabitants still live in this modern world in their own primitive style. Today with the growing of tourists visiting these areas, their life style has changed but one still can see more than just glimpse of ancient Nepal. These areas of Nepal are either yet to be developed or are on the verge of being developed. These areas have no road links with the modern Nepal and can visited by air or by walking for days. Hence Nepal developed the idea of trekking to these places for its visitors so that the visitors can see Nepal in its ancient way and know the heart of Nepali citizen. The urban cities of Nepal may have been influenced by the western world but the remote villages of this country which occupies most of the country’s land is still far from the modern world.

Trekking is thus widely popular with most of the tourists visiting Nepal. Walking through the terrain for few hours a day, enjoying the nature and the environment is the most exciting part that trekking offers to the tourists. The breathtaking views of the hills and the Himalayas, the clean rushing rivers and all offer great fun and excitement that one can rarely find in the urban city. There is hardly any noise pollution in these regions. The only sound you will be hearing in these regions is your talking, your breath and the sound of the nature mixed with the chirping of birds.

Nepal offers lots of regions for trekking and the regions are categorized as follows:

Strenuous treks:

This trek is of longer duration and requires lots of physical strength along with the desire. This trek passes through rugged trails gradually rising to very high altitude and may or may not be combined with an ascent on a trek peal of up to 6500 meters.

Moderate treks:

This type of trek can be accomplished by anyone with reasonable amount of fitness and takes one to the inner parts of Nepal where the villages truly live off the land.

Classical treks:

Specially managed to afford within its time constraints, a glimpse of our culture as it exists among many ethnic groups that live in the foothills.

Generally, preparation for certain trekking is not required but trekkers are recommended to be physically fit while starting. Rest of the accessories of trekking necessities will be taken care by the agency. Trekkers must be able to walk continuously for 4 – 5 hours daily while trekking.

All trekkers require insurance policy that cover for helicopter rescue expenses in the eventuality of a serious illness or accident. This insurance should also cover for possible evacuation in case one get stranded in any remote airfield due to bad weather conditions.

You can do two types of trekking while trekking in the trekking regions. You can choose your choice of stay in the trekking region. Your choices are:

1. Camping trek: If you wish to do camp trekking, the agency will arrange for all the necessary arrangements. In this trekking, one can experience a different life. With the whole bunch of trekking crew beside you serving you from morning till the late night, they will take care of each and every single need of the trekkers. Though this trekking is considered little expensive than the tea house trekking, the service charge paid will be worth of every cent. 

2. Teahouse trek: In teahouse trekking, trekkers will be sleeping in a teahouse or lodges available along the trekking routes and their meals will be provided from the menu of teahouse kitchen. This trekking is same as that of camp trekking but the missing part will be the bunch of trekking crew who will assist you and take care of you each and every moment. With small crew of trekkers guide and porters, you will enjoy your trek in their company.

Trekking Region & Duration 

Arun Valley                                                    10 to 16 Days   

Gokyo Valley                                                 18 to 25 Days   

Everest Base Camp                                         14 to 28 Days   

Island Peak                                                    16 to 20 Days   

Amadablam                                                    16 to 26 Days   

Everest view trek                                             05 to 09 Days   

Ganesh Himal                                                 14 to 16 Days   

Langtang                                                       14 to 16 Days   

Gosainkunda                                                  10 to 12 Days   

Langtang Valley                                              08 to 10 Days

Helambu                                                       06 to 08 Days   

Shivapuri                                                       03 to 05 Days   

Annapurna Circuit                                            14 to 21 Days   

Annapurna Sanctuary                                        10 to 14 Days   

Jomsom / Muktinath                                         05 to 18 Days   

Ghorepani ( Poon Hill )                                      06 to 08 Days   

Ghandrung Village                                            04 to 06 Days   


Specific Region

Upper Dolpo                                                  22 to 28 Days

Dolpo Circuit                                                 25 to 30 Days

Upper Mustang                                              14 to 18 Days

Manaslu Circuit                                              20 to 25 Days

Kanchanjungha                                               25 to 28 Days    

You will find both teahouse and camp trekking all the trekking regions but you will not find teahouse trek in the specific regions. Specific region was opened for tourism recently and they are regarded as virgin tourist regions. You will find all the natural beauty in these regions but will hardly find habitant in these regions. You are recommended to take very special care while trekking in these specific regions.

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